Tuesday, October 21, 2014

REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: The Fall by Stephen Cost

For thousands of years, Death walked behind the dark veil of the living, waiting to ferry the dead. That is, until the day that Death took a life for pleasure rather than duty. On that day, the first Reaper fell to Earth. Now, Reapers live among us, craving the taste of death, forcing them to kill to satisfy their immortal hunger. 

Giles Reid fell more than 300 years ago starving for the taste of death, only to find himself drowning in a sea of the living and blinded by a hunger that forces him to kill. In the centuries since his fall he has tried to be more human, desperate to live a life that makes up for what he is and the wrong he has done. Driven by his guilt over killing, he has chosen to feed only on evil; humans that have never been a threat to him but who are always a danger to others. That is, until the day he tries to feed on a human as strong, fast and cunning as himself; a human who, it turns out, has been hunting him. Now he is being pursued by the very evil he has fed on for centuries, embroiled in a deadly cat-and-mouse game, where friends and other Reapers connected to him are simply pawns on a chessboard waiting to be sacrificed. Giles is left with a choice, save the life of the women he loves, the daughter of his mentor, or betrays her for his own survival. 

To save the woman he loves, Giles will have to be the monster he is. 


THE FALL by Stephen Cost was unlike any book I’ve ever read. The plot was very unique and the main character, Giles, had more personality than most authors can weave into one book. Cost’s writing style is as unique as his plots. He is very descriptive and detailed with his imagery. You can visualize every action as you read. However, with that much detail, sometimes I found myself skimming over some of the longer descriptions to get back to the action. Also, while there were definite female interests on Giles’ part, I would have enjoyed it if more of a romance had developed somewhere along the line. But I suppose it wasn’t a “romance” book and I’m okay with that. I’m definitely curious to see what Cost comes up with next, which I will happily read!!


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